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We’ve gathered the dream team and have hired highly trained and experienced Pilates instructors to ensure you get the most out of your exercises.

Our instructors will give you exercises that are tailored to your individual needs, working on your specific areas of concern. 

Our team

Maggie Ferreira

Owner / Pilates Instructor

“Since I qualified and started teaching Pilates, I realised that there are so many more benefits than just dealing with clients with injuries. Pilates is for everybody, no matter ages and injuries or not.”

About her: Maggie has always been an active and on-the-go gal. She has taught Spinning since 2008, has had her own Run/Walk for Life franchise for about 10 years, used to play tennis and netball, played basketball for her university and rugby for the Western Province for about 2 years. Saying that she loves sports would be an understatement!

But that’s not all – she is also a qualified primary school and piano teacher!

Yvonne Torrens

Pilates Instructor

“Pilates has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, it has enriched my life in so many ways and continues to do so. From being able to work with clients and witnessing how their lives have improved with Pilates to feeling the benefits within my own body. My day is brightened when I hear positive feedback from clients!” 

About her: Yvonne has her South African colours as a gymnast and coach. She discovered Pilates through rhythmic gymnastics, practicing it weekly as a form of injury rehabilitation and prevention. It was a natural progression for her to study Pilates and get her BASI Comprehensive qualification. 

Yvonne also has a Teachers Associate Diploma for Modern Dance

Our Story

The Pilates Studio was founded by Maggie in 2018. Maggie has been teaching Pilates since 2014 and has an all-encompassing passion for fitness.

Being an always-active person, she has had her fair share of injuries in the past. And it’s for this very reason that she was drawn to Pilates. She was fascinated by its ability to transform one’s health without taking a toll on the body. She was also impressed by its effectiveness in strengthening muscles in a very gentle way.

Our Equipment

For private/duo classes, we have equipment ranging from Reformers, and a Cadillac/Reformer combo to Wunda Chairs and a few spine correctors. We like to combine the equipment so that our clients get full body workouts and always have sessions that are interesting and fresh.

For group classes, we use the stability ball, balance cushion, dowel, soft balls, Pilates Ring, Theraband and Yoga Blocks.

Students Shout Out

How can our experienced Pilates instructors help you? Share your goals and reasons for taking up Pilates with us so we can effectively help you along your fitness journey.